Adding Value to Middle-Market Freight Transportation Firms

Annapurna Capital Management has a wealth of experience in improving the operations of freight transportation businesses. We understand how to evaluate key operating metrics, we are comfortable working with asset-intensive businesses, and we place operational safety above all priorities.  

Our experience includes merchant banking work with a specialty heavy-haul trucking company (described in more detail here), and raising hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for trucking, rail and marine transportation companies.  

We consider acquisitions in a variety of areas of the freight transportation industry.  This includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Truckload carriers (Temperature-Controlled, Bulk, Flatbed, and Heavy-Haul, etc)
  • Shortline Railroads
  • Transloading Companies
  • Port and Transload Facilities
  • Jones Act Shipping (Offshore Supply Vessels, Tank Barges, and other Work Boats)
  • Suppliers to the Freight Transportation Industry